Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hervé 'Ghetto Bass'

Originally said to drop February 2nd, Hervé's new album 'Ghetto Bass' will hit stores February 16th, 2009. The album features remixes, original tracks under The Count & Sinden, as well as Hervé's other alter egos of Action Man, Young Lovers, Dead Soul Brothers and Voodoo Chilli.

Check out the final track on the album:
[Fidget House / Dubstep]

Buy the album here. I know I will...

Hervé is THE MAN!!! Listen to him talk about the album!

What to expect for 2009: The Count & Sinden album and a second 'Machines Don't Care' album!

Huge thanks to Anna over at Your Army.

Three One Oh!


bat$u .. † .. said...

hahaha that dude is funny straight up.. haha, Hervé crackin the jokes; 'what 3 colors turn you off?'

dope ass studio though, some crazy beats going on

Kopedale said...

Haha I kno... probly the most random question ever asked in an interview.

The best is that he asks his friend for the answer.