Monday, April 27, 2009

DropBox Post

First off, I'm sorry that we've been slow with the posts lately. I'd say it's because of a mix between the lack of releases right now and how busy we've become. DJ has been working on some new residency nights in Hollywood while I've been crammed with school work. Anyways, to show some love to the readers here are the tracks that stood out in our DropBox. Show some support, and keep sending us tracks!!!

[Fidget House]
Here's a fidgety version of HBFS by the boys of trashcanpunch, two 21 year old producers out of Dallas, Texas. This track is dirrrrrty, keep it up fellas.

This is a serious mashup by DJ Bubba out of Sweden. I'm really feeling this one, so show him some love on his myspace.

Here's DJ Shodown's version of a timeless jam. Classic house style right here, it will be released in late may on Shodown's new record label - GrooveStar Recordings, along with some other original material.

Three One Oh!