Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Down

So Herve has been killing it lately, but you already know that. He dropped his new album 'Ghetto Bass' on Feb. 2 but I haven't heard the whole thing yet. However, the album kicks off nicely with a fidget BOMB from Jack Beats. The UK is really putting out some great stuff right now, keep it up guys.

Jack Beats - Get Down**Removed at Artist's Request**
[Fidget House]

Any other suggestions of tracks off the new Herve album, other than the ones that were already released? I want to get some more of them up.

Three One Oh!


uncle elroy said...

too bad only like, 4 people have herves new track who da champ. including jack beats.

Kopedale said...

Haha, that's not on the album though. Good shit starting your mix with Guess What on your myspace, that track is HUGE.

gogoba said...

visit my blog, i just posted 2 new tracks by josh, not bad actually. and the ghetto bass is awesome.

gogoba said...

oh. i just saw u posted that BBB remix :)

DJ said...