Wednesday, February 18, 2009


[The American Dream Team.]

This track is just something I've been listening to a bunch, and bumping at mainstream gigs. Someone asked in the chat widget if we had any indie remixes in our vaults at Three One Oh! and the answer is "YES"!!!! This is going to be bigger than the Boys Noize Bloc Party remix of 2006-2007 in my mind... The only on point indie-rock remake/remix I've heard in quite some time. F*CK YES!

Trouble Andrew - Chase Money (TADT Remix)

[Fidget House / Indie-Rock / Dubstep]

Three One Oh!


bat$u .. † .. said...

thats a catchy tune. nice sample!

DJ said...

I love that breakdown, shits sooooooooo ill. Dupstep stezzle