Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inside Look At Laidback Luke's Studio...

[Personal Tour of Laidback Luke's Studio]

For all you people that think the worlds chart topping dance tracks are made in big expensive studios on all of the best equipment, well this will blow your mind. You say in all fairness that Luke's studio is almost not a studio. Its a small room, non-treated room, with only two keyboards, two standard speakers, 1 mic, and a screen on a small desk. He even shows us the line of plug-ins that he uses, which are all free. Laidback Luke now uses Ableton, so this video is a little old, but nonetheless relevant. 

If your musically talented, then you can make music. You don't need the most expensive equipment and latest technology, as much as you need creativity and love for the music. Some serious, big-time famous tracks were made in the little space of Luke's.

To Laidback Luke; keep making great dance music and inspiring other producers to push the boundaries of what makes the club bounce! Respect!

Three One Oh!

Milk & Honey - Felguk Mix

I've been waiting a long time to here how this one was going to turn out. The original mix to this track put Soundpusher on the map and literally made me a fiend for their music. The Felguk mix adds a heavier synth and of coarse that classic Felguk sound that comes in about halfway through. Soundpusher guys are my dudes so I'm posting in 192kbps. If you want it in 320 you can grab it here.

[Electro House]

Three One Oh!