Monday, December 15, 2008

JåçK Beå†s!!!!!!!

[I'm loving this duo "Beni G & Plus One" right now, the illest!]

Jack Beats are one of my favorite producing tandems right now in the Electro/Fidget House scene without a doubt in my mind. All their productions have been magnificent, and bangers, which is expected of two talented DJ/Producers with the credentials they have... Plus One is a member of the Scratch Perverts and won the title of World DMC DJ Champion in 2001. Beni G is part of the world renowned Mixologists DJ crew. They came together as friends making music and now they're are at the top of their game. What sets them apart from all others now, is this track. Even though I LOVE Bring it On, Jack Got Jacked, and many of their releases, this track hits me in a place no other does. I know exactly where these guys are coming from, what sounds make their ears perk up, and that their passion for this music runs deeper inside their hearts than any vein ever could; all because of this hit. Go on Beatport, download, and support these guys!!! They deserve to make lots of money and have great success. Real Talk.

Prøjeçt Båssline - Drop The Pressure (JåçK Beå†s Remix)
[Fidget House]** Reccomends**

LOVING IT!!!!!! ps. The spelling is weird so that only our beloved and loyal readers will get their hands on this track, with the proper information about them. Not assholes that just search google for a download link and don't give a fuck about the artist. Thanks.

Three One Oh!

New Day, New Hits...

Here are the tracks that stood out of the rest released on Beatport today. The track by Purple Project is actually really legit. Check it out.

[Electro House]

[Electro House]