Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Treats

[Get Up Laker Fans - D Fish is back]

So I know most of our readers are from all over the world, but I had to spread a little love for our team out in LA, the Lakers. They have the opportunity to win another NBA Championship tonight in Game 5 of the Finals, so check it out.

On to more important subjects, we want to thank the readers for staying loyal and checking the blog even though the posts have been slow. I thought the summer would bring me unlimited time to blog, but it's been quite the opposite lately. So as a thank you, here are 3 fresh tracks to keep you moving through the summer. You guys/girls really are the best readers out there, so keep it up.

[Electro House]

[Electro House]**Kopedale Recommends**

[Electro House]

Enjoy! and GO LAKERS

Three One Oh!