Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spencer&Hill vs. Felguk - Fingertips

Alright guys, here's the track we've been waiting for. If you've recently checked Spencer & Hill or Felguk's myspace page than you already knew this was coming. When I found out Spencer & Hill was working with Felguk I nearly shat myself. They are by far my two favorite production tandems right now. The track that's featured came out on beatport today and is labeled as a "Spencer & Hill Mix," so maybe there are more mixes to come? An original mix? A Felguk mix would be nice.

I'm not going to say I was let down by this release, I guess I just expected more out my favorite producers combining their great minds. Nonetheless, it's definately a banger. I'm curious to see what the readers think of this release, feedback is much appreciated.

[Electro House]

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