Thursday, September 25, 2008


Be prepared to be astonished by Bass Kleph's flawless production, amazing progressions, and dirty electro beats. I've had a couple of their tracks for a while, but not I am starting to realize that their sound is real and different. Some artist brand their sound and every track after that sounds too similar... These all sound very different while still having the same ear enticing sound...

Fresh Diplo Fire!!!

Diplo does it again... Electro/Bmore like I've never heard it before but I'm totally feelin' this.

Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix)


(Video not related to tracks in any way, but pretty fuckin' funny)

SICKKKKK!!!!! I've been playing this for about a month and half and it doesn't get old. Super sick fidget bassline with dope "I just wanna hit the club" vocals... This is a certified BANGER.

Found out about DJ Barletta about a month ago, still deciding whether his sound is money or not but this track definitely bumps.

Just when everyone was about to be sick of this track, LAZRtag worked a little magic, and now its a club anthem once again. Every mainstream track LAZRtag works on these days turns into a decent to exceptional track and their new original productions are really well produced dance floor bombs. Expect more posts on them later...

Three One Oh!