Monday, October 20, 2008

Pitchdown (S & H Project Remix) = Unbelievably Dope Track!!!

[Who's gonna miss having a joke for a president?]

Lowrider - Pitchdown (S & H Project Remix) ** Recommends**

Lowrider - Pitchdown (S & H Project Remix Radio Edit)

This track is so f*cking ill
!!!!! S & H Project AKA Spencer & Hill (Holler @ their myspace they deserve it) have been making epic dancefloor bangers recently, and they should be getting their much deserved respect in the music game. You've already seen my other post from september featuring S & H so I don't have to elaborate on their G'ness. Song is so amazing yet so minimal. Fuck yeah Spence & Hill keep doin' how you do!

Download this shit right now otherwise your stupid. Your welcome.

Three One Oh!

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