Sunday, October 19, 2008

CROOKERS /// AutoErotique /// Surkin

[One of the funniest youtube videos ever... "BAM, hit those little niggas w/ a freeze pop"]

Out There Brothers - Enjoy (Crookers Remix)
Crookers, Crookers, Crookers... I've said a grip about them already. Fuckin' love them for their SICKKKK the intro on their BBC RADIO 1 LIVE CROOKERS MIX... you gotta peep it.

AutoErotique - Gladiator (Original Mix)
You probrably take a look at this track and say, WTF? AutoErotique is 1/2 of the epic group from Toronto VNDLSM. Not to be confused with Vandalism... VND & LSM first E.P. The Goods and Services, is going to be epic. I'm loving this track, put it on in ya whip and bump at maximum levels. Feel my joy.

fRew & Jess Higs - Fixed Mind (Original Mix)

I have had high expectations for fRew for a while because I enjoyed his older tracks so much and felt there was really room for him to brand his sound. I'm all about it this track sounds fresh and clean with a nice dirty figet bass dominating the track but carrying it beautifully.

Catt Richards - Deviating Space (Bass Kleph Remix)
The second I heard this I invisioned dropping it right after The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind...) DOPE track. Bass Kleph is G.

80tt0 - 0zer0 (Herve's Hypnotherapy Remix)
Great mello track, Herve samples some perfect natural sounds and puts this track together beautiful. Fuckin' Herve... This guys is killing it right now and this track is an example of just another genre Herve can break into and call his bitch.

Three One Oh! Bonus feel good tracks?!
Surkin - Next of Kin (Original Mix)
If you like'd GRUM from my last post, check this out. Excellent melodic indie vocal electro, ha.

Nick Supply - Hiznhiz (Stupid Fresh Remix)

Very bouncy/fun figet track. I've been bumping this for a while and I def thought some people would be down.

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