Monday, October 20, 2008

NEW!!! Spencer & Hill, Klaas, Lee Mortimer, Lex Da Funk

I took this picture at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2008.
Dates for 2009: April 17th, 18th, and 19th. (10th year of Coachella!!!)

*Released Today* - This is a HITTT!!!

*BONUS* tracks I can't stop bumping.



DJ said...

SICK POSTTTT!!!! I've lovin' the Lex De Funk remix of morgan page. Dumb Party, I don't even gotta say it. ILLNESS.

T A E - S E F said...

Kope, good looks on the Morgan Page "longest road." Can't stop bumpin that in the car, perfect driving song

Gordon said...

yo matt!

Kopedale said...

Thanks Matt, ur a G

Trovano said...

more one by S&H project... this is amazing... thanks!

Andrew said...

i remember that. that thing was sick. it was funny when when everyone was lying under it, it started flashing really fast and it suddenly stopped and everyone in the same tone at the same time went "whoaaaa." good times.