Thursday, May 20, 2010


 [ D J    S . c o ]

As many of you know Kopedale has been the sole contributor to Three One Oh! for the last 6 months. I have been busy with gigs and hard at work in the studio putting together releases for the upcoming "Three One Oh! Records". But I'm back, and ready to give our loyal readers what they want; quality music. So this is my present to our readers (and a plead for forgiveness). For the first time ever, I'll be releasing my original mixes, straight from Three One Oh! into your ipods and DJ crates, for free.

DJ - Beautician (Original Mix)
[Progressive House]

DJ - I Need You (Original Mix)

Shakedown - At Night (DJ Remix)
[Progressive House]

David Guetta ft. Akon - Sexy Bitch (DJ Remix)

Alicia ft. Edward Maya - Stereo Love (DJ Remix)

You can listen to new tracks and remixes on my new website...

Three One Oh!


Eddie said...

I need you is fucking sick. You should start marketing yourself through face book. The like and share feature will blow you up.

DJ G Phunk

oh yeah and Beautician is the best one. I just finished it up while commenting. Haha keep it up S. Co! Your in my sets!

DJ said...

Thanks bro!!!! the support is much appreciate!! U da man.