Monday, May 24, 2010

NOT AFROJACK & DIPLO.... But the Squatters?

[The blogosphere, as well as myself,  thought this was an Afrojack & Diplo track so I'll leave the pic.]

Thanks for helping  clear this one up, was blogged all over the place as "Afrojack & Diplo - Masta Ace", now that I found out its not either of their tracks... I'm far less interested :-/

The Squatters - Monsters (Original Mix)
 [Dutch House]

Three One Oh!


Fonzie said...

This is not Afrojack & Diplo. It's actually a song called "Monsters" by The Squatters.

youngEVAN said...

yeah man this is fake >.<

Bastille said...

This rips of Bangkok - Boris Dlugosh in a major way with the vocal sample.