Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EHW #26 - The new and improved Electro House Wednesday Selections®

So in case your wondering why we started posting 6 tracks instead of 10, it's because we want to intensify the validity of Electro House Wednesday's. No more iffy bangers... essentials only. Less = More. Don't worry, we'll continue posting huge releases and hidden gems throughout the week.

DJ's Weekly Essential Selections®;

[Electro House]

[Electro House]

[Electro House]

Kopedale's Weekly Essential Selections®;

[Electro House]

[Electro House]**drive to this**

[Electro House]


Three One Oh!


Lukas said...

niiiiice.. thanks a lot!
keep it up, mr. s.cO.

Deckgeneral said...

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