Wednesday, September 9, 2009

EHW #25; LET's DO THIS!!!!

[Three One Oh! Certified Hit Helmet]

Weekly Essential Selections®;

Bad Habit Boys - Weekend 09 (Dave Darell Remix)
[Electro House] ** Recommends**

StarKillers - Bitch Ass Trick (Original Version)
[Electro House] ** Recommends**

Greg Cerrone - Taking Control Of You (Da Fresh Remix)
[Electro House]

Kopedale's Weekly Essential Selections®;

Picco - Walk On By (Club Mix)
[Electro House]**Kopedale Recommends**

Alaric - Cruelty (Wolfgang Gartner's Mix)

[Electro House]

DJ Vivid - Fades And Shades (Master Tempo Remix)
[Electro House]

Enjoy these EHW hits!

Three One Oh!


Jared said...

lovin picco - walk on by! great work guys electro is the best music!!

hey do u do a door list for your club? I'm comming over from Adelaide, Australia to LA next week and wanna come check it out!! Or ell me where it is/what its called?


Anonymous said...

Cruelty is a for sure banger...even tho its been out for over a year titled as cruel world ... lol

Anonymous said...

Thats the version that just dropped on beatport.

Bastille said...

Great selection here, love all of these.