Monday, November 24, 2008

The Aston Shuffle Gone Progressive?

The Aston Shuffle has made a name for themselves creating incredible electro house mixes, however lately they have been focusing more on a progressive approach. Bottom line, whatever they decide to produce is amazing. Make sure to check back when their remix of Hot Summer drops, it's a hit!!!

[Progressive House]



Anonymous said...

sorry guys love the blog but u cant say this is progressive!
They are taking a more frenchy electro sound into there most recent remixes (check there remix of cosmos-take me with you).

would love to here how others think...

Kopedale said...

I somewhat agree. The track is somewhere in between electro and progressive house. However it is so different from their regular stuff that it is being labeled as progressive house. Even beatport agrees.

DJ said...

I def agree not progressive, beatport did label it progressive but it has a definite electro sound and structure to it. It does have amazing and detailed progressions, which could make it progressive....

a hybrid track?