Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Videos From DJ S.co's Shows /// Three One Oh! is Back

[DJ S.co & Alex Gaudino]

First off, let me apologize to all our loyal readers, Kopedale and I have been very very busy lately. Spreading epic Three One Oh! hits around the West Coast is no easy feat. Nevertheless, we're back, and ready to bring the bangers. For all those who are curious, here are some videos from my recent show with Alex Gaudino that Kopedale took, and theres some videos floating around from my gig with Paul Oakenfold as well on the internet if your curious.

Stay tuned for more updates & Hits. All you Texas readers, I'll be playing in Mcallen, Texas on Thursday, for more info check my myspace.

-DJ S.co
Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...

european djs play better than you .. s&h on party like this ? fagget

Anonymous said...

where is the electro

ben said...


must be fun playing for crowds like that. either way, congrats!

DJ S.co said...

S&H remix of a classic song like for an angel, hell yes. Anon fag. Kill yourself. I can still block IP address' even from anons, so if you want to have access to Three One Oh! I suggest you relax.

Anonymous said...

i didnt know alex gaudino was so... manly.
also, blocking an IP does absolutely nothing.