Sunday, April 5, 2009



The main man - Mike K - of Sly Fly Records **** sent me this super banging fidget track while I was in Miami during WMC. The track just released on Beatport as well, where I bought a copy to show some support, and I suggest you do the same!!!!!!! FOAMOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Caged Baby - Forced (Foamo Remix)

[Fidget House]

Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...

Calling this track fidget is like calling Rosanne Barr skinny. Or like calling Paris Hilton tactful. It's like 5% fidget, 95% electro. The only thing that is sort of fidget is the wobbly bassliine. Who you trying to fool here?
This ain't my first rodeo :-P

Anonymous said...
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DJ said...

Geees relax, its a bit on the fidgetty side thats why I labeled it so

Kevin said...

Ah whatever it is, I like it! Purchased.

Anonymous said...

anonymous...u = lame
just enjoy it