Monday, March 16, 2009

Three One Oh! Exclusive; Pryda - Atlanta 2 Miami Bitch! (DJ's WMC 2009 Bootleg)

[Just in time for WMC, this one will for sure get people going in Miami.]

So I've been working on a Mixtape promo of all my favorite, most epic tracks, with catchy mainstream vocals over them, resulting in face melting bangers you can sing along to. This edit is just in time for WMC 2009 in Miami this year, Pryda's amazing new track Miami To Atlanta, with a touch of DJ flavor added. Enjoy.

Pryda - Atlanta 2 Miami Bitch! Ft. LMFAO (DJ's WMC 2009 Bootleg)

[Three One Oh! Exclusive]

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DOWNLOAD via DivShare

If you liked that, check out my MYSPACE player to hear my DJ Joe K, Missy Elliot, Tiko's Groove - Music Make Me Wake Up (DJ Underwater Smashup) which will be on the mixtape as well.

Three One Oh!


Steve Stone said...

Nice work

DJ said...

Thanks Steve!!!!

DennisJ said...

great work again :)
iam currently workin on a rockin with the best remix for a remix competition.. i may post it in the shoutbox and tell you how i was doing :D

DJ said...

Dope, post it in the shout box and I'll make sure to give it a listen and some constructive critism, if it happens to need any.

Thanks Dennis

DennisJ said...

can you maybe upload the white noise bootleg? im loving it :)

how are you making them btw?

DJ said...

Ableton, yeah no prob I'll re-up that one as well.