Monday, March 30, 2009

MIAMI WMC 2009; P Diddy In The Club, Showin' Some Love.

[Three One Oh! Exclusive Pic]

WMC MIAMI 2009; Where should I begin? Kopedale and I were down in South Beach for the last week, having the time of our lives. The best DJ's from around the world, playing at infamous clubs of epic porportion with amazing sound system, and people from around the world (Industry people, and people that come to enjoy the madness) that come together for this special week. I had to say, the vibes and the energy of it all was almost overwhelming; I hadn't seen those kind of parties since Ibiza, or Cannes, or St. Tropéz.

Anyways, this picture was taken on Saturday night @ LIV Nightclub (Inside the epic fontaine blue; where we stayed), which was without a doubt the place to be on Saturday night. Erick Morillo was killing it on the turntables all night, bottles poppin' everywhere, people losing their minds to his amazing set. P Diddy got up on the DJ booth, whistle in his mouth, airhorn in his hand, and started going nuts and getting everyone hyped up. Seeing that place fucking jumping, P Diddy getting down to the dopest house music, and everyone having an amazing time; it was truly a great expirence.

I pressed 1,000 (retail quality) Promo CD's of my "Miami 2009 Mix" for such things as handing out to other DJ's, record labels, event cordinators, giftbags, etc. We handed P Diddy one during the show and he was cool enough to dance around with it for a little, and pose for a shot.

My demo doesn't have my email on it, any inquries or booking info contact S.copromotions[AT]

More pics, videos, and stories from Miami coming up in the next couple of days... I just had to share this one with you guys!

Three One Oh!


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you are one lucky cunt man haha

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