Monday, March 2, 2009

DJ Miami 2009 Mix /// Three One Oh Exclusive!!!!!

(The much anticipated, DJ Miami 2009 Mix)

"DJ is one of the fastest growing young talents in the professional DJ world. Being one of the only prominent "House/Electro/Club" DJ's in mainstream Hollywood, DJ's unmistakable talent and mixing skills were recognized by world famous DJ Mark Lewis, who has been on the forefront of the Electronica scene in Los Angeles for many years, and soon the two DJ's were spinning tandem sets together, and pleasing crowds all over Los Angeles / Hollywood. Everywhere you see DJ Mark Lewis, you'll find DJ paying his dues to the superstar as his opening DJ or just meticulously watching his sets and learning everything he can."

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Steve Stone said...

Enjoyed it thoroughly

DennisJ said...

great mix

can you maybe upload the dreaming remix in the mixtape? :) greets

DJ said...

Thanks Steve!!!!

DJ Bless One said...

S.Co, what a mix man! I simply love it, i threw it on my iPhone and now I jam listening to it in the car. I can't get enough of the "Life Goes On" track. Simply awesome!

Also, I messaged you a while ago about the Klaas Bon Jovi track. Any luck finding the 320kb version? I managed to find another track by DJ Zam for the Runaway song. Not as good as the Klaas, but still pretty banging! 'thought you might like it! Cheers!