Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cory Enemy & Skreach!!!!!

[This duo is destined for greatness in 2009.]

I'M SO STOKED ON THIS TRACK!!!!!! Cory Enemy and Skreach are both LA residents but reside in ATL at this point in time where they spend their days (and nights most likely) in the studio making masterful beats, designed to destroy dancefloors in the blink of an eye. Cory Enemy is not only a disgustingly talented producer, but also the music partner of Dallas austin (Pink Enemy; Cory is the official remixer). Cory showed me some stuff a while back he made, completely sampled from African instruments (I know that sounds weird), but I'm not bullshiting you when I said it sounded SOOO LEGIT. Skreach is Corys protege; At only the age of 21, definitely one of the youngest producers/DJ's in the game, and a really good friend of mine since I was in highschool. That being said, you might be thinking there could be a chance I'm just being bias and posting my boys track.... NOT A F*CKING CHANCE!!!!!!!! I've always loved this Yaz song because of its bouncy / transformed sounding lead and that fat round bass that drops; Both are sampled into the song perfectly. With the epic dubstep-ish breakdown & everything?! FORGET ABOUT IT *dirty long island accent* THE PEOPLE AIN'T READY FOR THIS ONE YET!!


Yazoo - Situation (Cory Enemy & Skreach Remix)

[Electro / Fidget House]

Stay tuned for fresh tracks from Cory Enemy & Skreach... Three One Oh! We'll have it first!!!

Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...
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Miami Vice said...

Situation ... such a dope track, def a glimpse into the future when Yazoo dropped this heat in 82'.

Chicco Secci did a re-work of this track that blew Miami up like the coke era.

Chicco hasn't released it and probably never will... but when he dropped that re-work The whole crowd of Glass at the Forge erupted like the volcano in Dante's Peak

This is a pretty ill remix though Cory Enemy & Skreach def put some good work into this track.

disco said...

sick brkdwn! good lookin 310 always with the heat!