Friday, February 20, 2009

Spencer & Hill - Flat EP

[Spencer & Hill are back]

The day has finally come! I don't know about you but I've been DYING to hear some new Spencer & Hill releases. They're on the top of their game, and everyone knows it. This new EP takes a step towards the fidget side, while at the same time giving you that same Spencer & Hill production sound. I'M LOVINGGG ITTTTTT.

The only difference between these two mixes are that the club mix has vocals, the dub doesn't.
I'm fuckin' loving the shout out to Los Angeles!!!! 
"Now listen up DJ........ this one is FROM LA!!!!"

[Electro House]**Kopedale Recommends**

[Electro House]

You heard it first at Three One Oh!

P.S. Has anybody ever seen a picture of Spencer & Hill? For all I know they look like the two mice things in their logo...

Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...

Spencer & Hill are Manuel Schleis and........
........Manuel Reuter!!!!
M. Reuter is also known as DJ Manian, Cascada, Tune Up, MYPD, R.I.O. etc.


Kopedale said...

Wow.... thanks I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

i found this on myspace. this guys sounds a bit like s&h.

Gene said...

Yes Manuel Shleis also designed ReFX Nexus, Vanguard and many more synths + is the owner of the Vengeance sample pack collections...Dabruck and Klein also have ties to Manuel Shleis which is why they have such a similar sound