Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Crookers!? SUNDAY LOVE

[Crookers now using Serato? Look at the Vinyls...]

The Crookers are back with their new release "What Up Y'all" and I have to give them props because, they kept their original crookers sound that everyone appears to love, but switched up the melody and song format to bring something fresh to the table. Hopefully they will really step up soon and come out with some fresh bangers, because as of lately, there hasn't been any face-melting, dancefloor bombing Fidget tracks coming out. With the exception of Calvertron, Heavyfeet, Jackbeats, and Kelevra (whom I'm still iffy about), the fidget game has been somewhat quite. Personally, I can't wait for Herve to start releasing some more fire...

Crookers - What Up Y'all
[Fidget House]

Crookers - What Up Y'all (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
[Fidget House]

Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...

If youve ever met Kelevra you would be even more "Iffy".
he comes off really,I guess you could just say "Big Ego"
found that out after he played House at Boardners a couple weeks ago.
sometimes when you met the actual DJ it will give you a different liking instead of just listening to his tracks all day.

Anonymous said...

Files down?

DJ said...

First off; I don't think anyone spends their day, as you stated, "Listening to his [Kelevra] tracks all day...", but I know where you're coming from.

Nevertheless, Sometimes (I Think)you can tell just by listening to an artists music and what kind of tracks they release.... I mean, I thought he was "Iffy" and I've never met him... Just listened to his tracks.

Anonymous said...

Your missng a very talented guy by the name of Bryan Cox off that list and Ac Slater ???