Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Faded EP

[My own version of how the album artwork should look]

It seems Micky Slim has taken a break from producing to get his up and coming record label ready for 2009. Bombsquad records is a fidget lovers dream label, signing huge artists like Stupid Fresh, Escobar & Vito, and Klaus Hill. Some other artists set to be working with Bombsquad in 2009 include HeavyFeet, Lee Mortimer, Alex Schmitz, and The Aston Shuffle.

I'm diggin' the Stupid Fresh Mix in the EP, unfortunately it's the only version that isn't full length.

[Fidget House]

[Fidget House]

[Fidget House]


Three One Oh!


Tiles said...

AGGHHHH. Tried to dl the original mix, I can listen to the file but when I do (with safari) it says the file doesn't exist. With firefox (my backup when this happens) it lists it like I'm dling no file.. with no extension. Any chance of re-upping it? Love the Stupid Fresh though, and your blog is amazing, love your shit. Heart fidget.

Tiles said...

nevermind i got it to work. sorry to jump the gun there.

Kopedale said...

no worries, glad you figured it out. not sure what happened, but sometimes you need to add .mp3 to the end of the file name if its not opening in itunes.