Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Night Treat!!! Dank Sound, Epic Track.

[ only bumps the illest 'Three One Oh!' certified tracks!]

I'm in love with this sound, this sweet, dirty, powerful synth just f*cking blows my mind. I mean, I recommend tracks, and will post tracks by themselves, but this track really deserves the attention. The synth in this track is the apitemy of what I think is the "Sickest Bassline Ever", tracks like D. Ramirez's mix of Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah have a similar synth in it, D. Ramirez's mix actually has been preached as being the "Best Synth Bassline of All Time", check out the article here. This track is ill as fuck! Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, I LOVE this sound. Tiko's Groove is da sh*t.


DJ Joe K - Wake Up (Tiko's Groove Vocal Extended Mix)
[Electro House]** Recommends**

Anyone know what the exact synth from this song, or from D. Ramirez's mix of Yeah Yeah is?

Three One Oh!


Anonymous said...

pretty crazy... best synth of all time!!!

nice track:-)

Dramirez's songs are all really dark and more tech-house than anything else.

dj jim carson said...

I would experiment with some distortion on a square wave while modulating the cutoff filter and resonance. Maybe a dash of reverb and experimenting with modulating the reverb as well. If that doesn't work, try it on a sine wave with octaves in the mid to higher registers It's almost like a cross between a sine and square wave. I suspect it is a square wave with the cutoff turned quite a bit to the left. Try it out on any waveform based synthesizer. If you tweak the ADSR that will also help you fine tune the sound.

DJ Bless One said...

This song is pretty awesome!

I'm still waiting on a good quality version of Runaway by Bon Jovi (Klass Mix)., did you find it yet?

DJ said...

I'll look for that B-One...

JIM CARLSON, THANK YOU!!! I'm gonna start trying to harness the power of that sound ASAP haha, excellent advice thanks again.

Lovin' the feedback.

DJNA said...

iono if that helps

Anonymous said...

the "yeah yeah" synth can be exactly remade in ableton's operator synth.. just mess around with it

Anonymous said...

D Ramirez used the Nord lead 3.
3 saw waves
the first two are an octave apart for the thickness.
the third one is 4 semitones below the lower one
the amp and filter are automated.

hope this help.