Saturday, December 6, 2008

DJ always delivers the dank Fidget!!!

[Fidget House]** Recommends** Hands down, my FAVORITE track right now. The Chemical Brothers' "WoW" is perfectly sampled in, not too much, not too little. I've been bumping this track at every gig and people GET DOWN!!! Definitely the highlight of my Villa set w/ Mark Lewis. DANCEFLOOR KILLER!!!!

Foamo - Everything Cool (Original Mix)
[Fidget House] ** Recommends**Can't believe I haven't posted this track yet, It's been in my playlists for the last 3 months and it still KILLS it! Such a banger...

Sonny J - Hands Free (HeavyFeet Remix)

[Fidget House] ** Recommends** Heavyfeet have been making some ill tracks, and this one with the classic house sample, is one of the best. Dope bouncey party track, throw it in your playlists and it will stay there for a cool minute.

Lee Mortimer - Closer (Original Mix)

[Fidget House] Very dope fidget track, grows on me more and more everytime I listen to it. Download fasho.

DJ Kue - 40's and Hoes (The House Moguls Remix)

[Fidget House] First of all, DJ Kue is a fucking G! I heard one of his tracks entitled "Made in ten minutes..", and if the title is true, the man is a fucking prodigy, genius, or whatever you want to label him. A little inspirational word from, if you love the music your making enough, and did it for long enough, you would bump out tracks like this guy... This guy loves his music / is passionate about it, and it shows. DJ Kue, your deserve a medal.

Three One Oh!

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