Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New LA Riots, DJ Kue, and LAZRtag @ Three One Oh!!!

Favretto ft. Naan - What's Your Name? (LA Riots Remix)
Now that LA Riots have released this track, I can offically say I'm a fan... Not that I didn't like some of his stuff before, I just thought it wasn't melodic or rhythmic enough to survive the short lived electro craze. All fads fade, and this truly talented producer is here to stay. This track is a heavy hitter with tons of energy. Can't wait to bump this one!

War - Lowrider (DJ Kue Remix)
DJ Kue is on fire!!! Love the heavy baseline in this track and the perfect amount of sampling while making the track still sound completely original. This one will have a comfortable spot on my playlist for a while.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (LAZRtag Remix)
Just when you think people are done remixing this song, LAZRtag works their magic and makes a stellar remix. I'm not always fond of tracks that have a tempo transition but of course, LAZRtag pulls it off beautifully. ill.

Nick Terranova - Breakaway (Klaas Remix)
I usually always feel Klaas' tracks but sometimes they are a little too similiar... This one has his powerful trademark synth bumping a beautiful baseline. Not the newest track, but one of the best from Klaas as of recently.

Human Resource - Dominator (Chew Fu 2011 B-Boy Shizle Remix)

Dominator has been around for a while and been remixed by everyone, but I have to say Chew Fu turned this one into an amazing tune. I'm REALLY enjoying this right now... At first I was partial, but that heavy rolling bassline w/ those old school rave sounds are untouchable.

-DJ S.co
Three One Oh!


bat$u @ WHL said...

low rider is undeniable hit status

DJ S.co said...

thank you I agree