Tuesday, October 14, 2008

?¿?¿?¿More Fidget?¿?¿?¿


My last post got removed because of copyright problems, I guess it must of been those unreleased tracks? I apologize for that instance and those in the future, but the music is for promotional use only, and helps the artist acquire a fan base... That is why everyone should subscribe, or bookmark Three One Oh! Because sometimes a track might only be up for a day or two, you never know...

Pets On Prozac - Ruff Ruffin (AC Slater Remix)
[Fidget House]

Example - So Many Roads (Herve Remix)
[Fidget House]

Ron Carrol - Walking Down The Street (Count of Monte Cristal Remix)
[Fidget House]

Se:Sa - Like This Like That (Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)
[Fidget House]

Charlean Dance - Mr. DJ (Speaker Junk's Tarantula Remix)
[Fidget House]

Trip - Who's That (Jack Beats Remix)
[Fidget House]

Twocker - Chopper (Dopamine Remix)
[Fidget House]

I'm gonna take a break from the Fidget posts now that your updated. The 2nd Electro House Wednesday is tomorrow... Believe it or not, I got more hits lined up!!!

-DJ S.co
Three One Oh!

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Gordon said...

that fool didn't even try to block that